Commercial Solar Products

29 Jul

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Empower your business by using our Commercial Solar products. It’s time to raise your trade’s productivity by bringing in these energy-efficient & eco-friendly items. Say no to those fossil fuels now & take your business to new heights in a better way

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From Guest Blogger Chris Long: Solar Power – Should You Buy or Lease?

10 Jul

From Guest Blogger Chris Long: Solar Power – Should You Buy or Lease?.

Some Reasons for the Popularity of Solar Panels Installation Worldwide

10 Jul

Recently fulfilling the renewable energy demands solar panels have become widely popular all through the world. As a major alternative of energy, residential and commercial solar panels installations are used to produce free electricity without harming the environment.  

The amount of energy our planet consumes in a year is produced by the sun within a single day. So the solar energy can fulfill the global energy demand easily and can minimize the carbon emissions harms successfully.

In domestic use it saves not only electricity but energy bills are also reduced. Despite these facts, installing solar panels on a house’s roof top, kitchen or bathroom increases the value of your abode.

Commercial solar panels provide not only financial benefits but also green credentials to the businesses of different sizes. It inspires businessmen to make a long term investment in this field.        

In some particular areas such as in camper vans, it is not possible to get direct electricity; therefore PV cells are being situated on the roof of the vehicle to generate power.  

This branch of energy has become a significant element of renewable energy sources. Global Status Report on Renewable 2010 shows that the usage of solar energy is increased by 60% in 2009 to 130% in 2010. This data proves that millions of people like this new field of energy and many experts are investigating further with full enthusiasm in different sectors to enhance its value. 

Online Energy Audit: How is it Beneficial?

3 Jul

When you start using your energy resources inefficiently it is then you get hike in your electricity costs.So if your increased monthly bill is your concern then it’s the right time to get an Online Energy audit. This particular process will give you complete insight into the reasons that are responsible for energy losses within your home and work place and will also provide you solutions for effective energy conservation.

The numbers of ways in which this audit can help you are as follows:

  • With its help you will come to know about the major energy users at your home and work place
  • You will get solutions to reduce this extensive use of energy which will ultimately lead to energy conservation
  • This audit will help you in managing your energy usage with increased knowledge
  • Helps in lowering your energy consumption costs by suggesting you different ways to conserve energy

It’s always beneficial to keep a check on your energy consumption either yourselves or with the help of some professional firm. In this way you get clear picture about how your various appliances are working and how much they are contributing in your bills. So just don’t wait, get an energy audit today to get significant reduction in your power bills.


Online energy audit for home

A home energy audit is much important these days it will help you to know your power consumption and an expert can help you to minimize your power cost. Get your online energy audit today!

From Guest Blogger Treacaus: Commercial Solar – An Economical Investment

27 Jun

From Guest Blogger Treacaus: Commercial Solar – An Economical Investment.

Commercial Solar: An Excellent Solution for Energy Needs

5 Jun

In this current era, due to increasing fuel prices and frequent changes in the electricity rates, the need for alternative sources of energy is rising among business owners. Commercial solar panels  is one such alternative that offers a clean, cost- effective and Eco- friendly way of generating energy.


Considering solar panels for commercial purpose offers a number of benefits that have been discussed below-


  1. Reliability: These systems are extremely dependable as they require little maintenance. Since they are designed to withstand harsh conditions, the panels have a long functioning life. Also, they usually come with a warranty period of around 20 years which makes them a valuable investment.


  1. Provision of incentives: There are many government policies that help commercial companies in buying a solar system. Government provides tax relaxation and other benefits to promote their use and with the savings you receive from the use of a solar energy system, you can make more profits.


  1. Eco- friendly: Solar energy usage decreases carbon content in the air. Due to reduction in the use of fossil fuels and other energy sources, harmful gases released into air are greatly reduced. And, thus help fight against global warming.


  1. Improved reputation of your business: The idea of “going green” receives a lot of publicity from media. Your company would become a live example for others, for being an initiator of modern day techniques. This will hugely affect the good-will of your company in market.


  1. Decreased production cost: One of its biggest impacts is the reduction in power generation cost. Since energy will now be produced from a renewable resource i.e. sunlight, so you can generate more energy.


  1. Non-polluting: Solar energy is a clean form of energy as it does not pollute the environment in any way. It works in a silent mode without producing any noise and does not release smoke as well.

To promote their usage and increase their availability, a number of service providers are available in the market. In addition to providing solar system details, a reliable company will provide:

  • Specialized systems to deal with individual needs
  • Good quality installation facilities
  • Experienced staff to address your complaints
  • A warranty period

Now, you have all the information you could possibly want. Remember, there will never be a better time. Go solar and reduce your monthly bills with an added benefit of saving your planet.

Uncover Numerous Advantages of Solar Powered Homes

8 May

Thinking about converting your home energy system from non renewable to renewable? If so, well there is a feasible option available for you, a solar power system that not only saves you a lot of money, but also increases energy efficiency. In today’s modern world, the subject of Solar Powered Homes is gaining a huge popularity since there are a lot of reasons for this including fossil fuel shortage, environmental issues and much more…


Now, the question popping into your mind must be, what exactly a solar powered home is? Well, it’s a house which brings forth the electric power supply by using photovoltaic power systems and harnessing sun power. Take a look at some of its major benefits that are sure to bring a smile on your face:

  • Low Maintenance: Unlike your appliances, electric furnaces or gas, it requires little maintenance. Solar power usually lasts for upto 25 years and is self contained. Until and unless there is some outside problem or a significant weather event, most of the solar panels will get better with little maintenance and lasts a quarter of century.
  • Electricity Bills Lower: With a complete solar powered home, it’s actually possible for the electric company to pay you. No doubt, a typical homeowner spends about $1400 a year on electrical energy, but if your home is able to generate enough solar energy to power your home, certainly the excess power will be put back into the gridiron. Further on, the power firm will pay you for the surplus.
  • Elegantly Pleasing: Majorly solar panels are integrated into the roofs of home construction and provide the knowledge of saving happening as well. With the new models of solar panels, one can enhance the physical beauty of home in an effective way.
  • Boost for the Environment: The best thing about solar powered homes, they are no destructive by-products and mainly, the renewable energy produced is clean. A medium sized solar power home saves the earth from 6,000 Ibs of carbon dioxide pollution. Thus, it’s a huge boost for our surroundings we live in.

The mentioned above are just some of the advantages, many more you will be able to experience after owning solar panels. Readers! What are you thinking about? Do some research online and learn why solar power is such a big deal and investment for people all across the world. Get yourself ready to make a smart buying decision today.